You just need to fill in the reservation form, upon your request. An e-mail will be sent to you in order to confirm your reservation.
In order to finalize your reservation, α deposit of 10-20% of the total amount is required, 48 hours after our confirmation e-mail. The total amount will be paid at the conclusion of your transfer or tour, in cash.

Guides fees for an authorised guide, are always prepaid in addition to the 10-20% of the total amount.


The following cancellation policy is used by almost all service providers all over Europe in order to minimize non shows. Please note that all alterations or cancellations should only be made via fax or e-mail.  
  1. In case of cancellation up to 9days (during the high season between 1th Apr – 31th Okt) and 4days (during the low season between 1th Nov – 31th Mar) before arrival/departure there will be no refund of the 10-20% advance payment of the total amount.
  2. In case of cancellation more than 9days for high season and 4days for low season, before arrival/departure you always get back all you money minus banking fees (commissions of credit cards, remittance commissions e.t.c.)
  3. If on your fault you book on wrong dates there is no refund (please always check dates and time on your reservations).
  4. The balance, it is always in cash.
  5. If your airplane or your cruise ship because of mechanical problems or strikes, does not arrive at Athens Airport or Piraeus Port, there is always full refund (except banking fees) either you can change your reservation for another day. It is obligatory to let us know at least 24 hours before only by text message.
  6. Guides fees for an authorised guide are not returnable.
If you require further explanation or clarification of the above Terms & Conditions please do not hesitate to contact us.